• Kent Davis

Seasons of change

It looks like the seasons have changed...again!

When I first started in business, I had a vision of creating the perfect company. A team of people that worked well together, knew how each other thought, had strengths where others had weaknesses, all pulling in the same direction.

I struggled with that for a long time. People moved on, I had to move some on, the products changed, the customers changed, the economy changed. All this seemed to to be diametrically opposed to my perfect team vision.

I am sort of slow, so it took me a bunch of years to figure out that, even in the environment of constant change, creating a perfect team is achievable. People will move on, products will change, the economy will ebb and flow, but that team can be consistent in all the inconsistency.

How is that? Here are few tips:

1. Create a culture - You are in charge of what that is, you can create it or just let it happen. I finally decided to be intentional about it.

2. Create structure - Structure is our friend. We all need and crave it. Create reasonable boundaries that make your vision obvious.

3. Expect performance - Hold people accountable to perform in a manner that enhances your vision.

4. Hire intelligently - I could spend a lot of time on the hiring process, but here I'll suffice to say, know why you hired who for what.

5. Don't diminish creativity - In all of the above, it can be easy to stifle the creativity of your associates and employees. Be careful to plan latitude for them to express themselves and contribute vitally to the team. You might be surprised, some of them are smarter than you.

Maybe this will give you a start to considering your own perfect business. Let us know if we can help you fine tune your process.

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