• Kent Davis

What's the Point?

I not only often see people lose track of this in their own business, I have done it myself.

In fact, most of my expertise I have gained either from my own mistakes, or the mistakes of those who were kind enough to share with me so I didn't repeat their mishaps.

But back to the point. So often in business we lose track of the motivators of our businesses.

Why did we start them in the first place?

I highly recommend that you regularly evaluate your business/career trajectory to insure that it is on point.

A couple of questions we lose sight of:

How does my business help others?

How does my business help me and those close to me?

Many times in the pressure to “succeed” we lose sight of these two basic tenets of business and it becomes “How is my business going to grow?”

I am not saying that business growth is not important, good, or necessary, but I am saying that is is secondary to how our business fulfills our lives and the lives of others.

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