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Consulting, Who Needs it?

Consulting. Who needs it?

So I spend a bit of my time consulting. I really love doing it and often I am asked,

“How do I know if I need a consultant?”

That is a really great question! I think the best time to have a consultant is when our efforts are not moving the organization in the direction we wanted or expected. We all run into those times in our life. When it is like pushing a rope.

Often we need a bit of outside influence, not as much because they are smarter than us, or have some magic salve, but because they can give us perspective that we are sometimes missing because of our proximity to the issue(s).

Some people ask if I constantly consult with the same client. I think they are afraid that consulting is a bit like heroin, and once you start you cannot quit. I would say that if your consultant is doing his job right right, and you are doing yours correctly, it should be more like a Z pack. Have a few sessions to get things going right and then the consultant is not necessary until you bog down again.

Anyway, It should be something that we are not afraid of, if we partner with the right people. That looks like a topic for another post.

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