• Kent Davis

Tablet or Laptop? That is the question...

Tablet or laptop? That is the question...

We all seem to be struggling with the answer. Will it do what I need it to? I think you can look at a few key differences and figure out if you need one or both.

Tablets offer more portability, built in internet (with a data plan) and are continually getting more powerful. They potentially lack the ability to run some of the software that might be mission critical for your uses, and can be cumbersome for large amounts of data entry. They are also faster to boot up, and have great battery life.

Laptops generally have more processing power, larger screens and full size keyboards that overcome some of the shortcomings of the tablet, but are more luggable and have battery life shortcomings.

If you have most or all of your applications hosted in the cloud a tablet maybe with an optional keyboard can likely be a great alternative to a tablet or computer. If your applications are resident on your company servers/computers, a laptop is definitely going to perform better.

I have no doubt that we are seeing the end of the computer age and tablet type technology is going to take over, but in many cases it will be several more years before it completely overtakes them.

Check with your IT professional before you purchase to make sure you can accomplish your work adequately on whichever device you choose.





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