• Kent Davis

Hear me now!

Wow! I have been struggling with getting my message out for, well, all of my career. I get jealous of those who have a simple message and broad appeal. Like the guy who does HVAC repair. It's easy to communicate, easy to understand. It's just simple.

I find that getting the ear of those we need is a constant battle, and how we do that is changing. We used to use the Yellow pages (ask your grandmother if you have never used them), and maybe some print or radio.

Today the Yellow pages have dropped, for many markets so has the newspaper, the internet has come into play and with streaming and multiple paid TV providers, even radio and TV are having their battles.

I just want those whom I can benefit the most to know I am here and interested in their business.

It seems that somehow I must rise above the clutter of an internet search and be seen. Here are some tips to help, By no means exhaustive:

-Use Maps - Make sure your business is visible on Google maps, Yahoo and Bing maps.

-Use Links - You will rate better if you have other sites that link to yours. Ask vendor and even clients to link to your site from theirs.

-Keep it fresh - Make sure your pages are updated regularly and that doesn’t mean once a year.Put up new pics, client comments, a blog, new products/services. It moves you up if you are not stale and engages your visitor more.

-Make it useful - Remember it is for the benefit your client or prospect, not about you. What do they get from coming to your site?

-Keep it simple - Short and sweet. Enough information to entice them to call or further engage your company.Why you?

-Use social media - Link them all to your website. link your site to them. refer to “Keep it fresh.”

Apply these and you will see a significant difference pretty quickly!

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