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How to stay organized at work

I have struggled with organization forever. I have tons of excuses as to why I am not, or can't be organized. I often have very little organization. Fortunately I have some people around me that are organized. What are some tips to stay a bit more organized?

Create Structure - With what do you need to be more organized? Make a structure to keep it that way. Maybe it a file folder (digital or paper), maybe a routine, maybe a self imposed deadline, whatever it is, create it.

Use a structure you are comfortable with and that minimizes any additional work. If you have to submit reports to your boss digitally, but you are more comfortable with paper, get comfortable with digital, it will save you time.

Do it going forward - So you have a cool way to get organized, the overwhelming part is sometimes looking at the stack disorganization and figuring out how to shove that into your folder. Don't do it. (yet) Just start using your new structure, today, going forward. The past will get either caught up when it becomes relevant, or it will become irrelevant.

Be Accountable - Have a good friend or work associate, even your supervisor, hold you accountable for it. Tell them you are trying to get more organized and how you are going to do it. Ask them to point it out when you violate your structure.

Do it now - I find one of the biggest contributors to disorganization is procrastination. We put thing off because we just don't want to do them right now. Then they pile up, then it's overwhelming, then it's too much to get done now, then they pile up....

Deal with things as they come. Pleasant and unpleasant. Only put off what cannot possibly be done immediately. Respond to emails the same day, return calls promptly.

These should get you started. If you stumble, get back up. After a while you will notice you get a lot more done with a lot less stress. Remember, it is a process, not an event.

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